What the word ‘Spirituality’ means to me personally



For me personally it begins with my first memories.  As a small child I remembered being somewhere else and choosing to come here to write the book I have now written, and others before and after.

The internal knowledge of this has helped to make me resilient in this life, as obviously, if I remember being somewhere else before here, then this life cannot be a single event, and there is nothing to fear from death, as it is only a step into somewhere else again, some other adventure!

So to me spirituality is about being part of the vast infinite universe and everything in it.  I feel that all plants and animals are brethren, all peoples and cultures.  There is no reason to feel separate from anything; any feeling of separation is only an illusion for us to learn to let go of.  Maybe we have to feel kind of separate first to define ourselves and figure out how we want to live, but then we can open up to the rest, and gradually collapse apparent opposites. In my main book “No Paradox – Living both in and outside the Matrix”, I speak of this theory, and of how we can widen our vision to include stuff outside of the usual net of existence, the limiting beliefs that are often given us from an early age or through narrow experience perpetuated by immersion in a narrow social narrative.  Basically it is about consciously evolving our own consciousness so that we are no longer stuck in a limited reality and can thus ultimately stop reacting to that previously perceived limitation.  In another book “A little book on ‘Mastery’”, I write more on how we can learn to master ourselves to enable us to live more and more often in a higher state of consciousness.  I teach and create meditations to help people, but I think mindfulness is a fantastically simple way to make this whole area more easily accessible to many more people who might find the idea of meditation a bit complicated.  It is fantastic news that it has been so widely embraced, and is being used in so many settings, where I know it can make a huge difference to people’s awareness and wider consciousness.  I think it might even change humanity permanently for the better, especially with the younger generation growing up with it.

I was lucky enough to have my special memory of being somewhere else, so I was always open to a wider reality than most, and I was very lucky too to have an amazing upbringing with lots of travel and usually living close to nature.  Sometimes my family engaged in philosophical discussions after dinner, but mostly they were more logical or science based, and I developed my own sense of spirituality through immersing myself in nature, and through reading.

When I was very young, we lived on the west coast of Ireland and I used to gaze out to sea or run on the beach as a toddler and feel joyful at being a part of it all.  When we went to live in South Africa, I was just 6, and I got really close to nature in the Natal Drakensberg mountains.  Wild animals would come and let me touch them, trees and streams seemed to talk. I was always pretty independent, and although often with my younger brothers, I also spent a lot of time alone.

In later years I became a healer and dowser, and can sense many things going on in the subtle energy fields of people, animals, plants, and other natural objects.  I can even feel things from great distances, such as when dowsing on a map of somewhere on the other side of the world.  One of my brothers is a full time dowser and works all over the world.  He was trained as a Geologist but later discovered this ability, and also taught me, but he is far more able than I am at using this skill.  At times I have worked with him, and sometimes I have worked on my own.  When I have been finding water on people’s land, sometimes they have asked me to also dowse on a historical site for them.  I told them I know nothing about history but they said don’t worry, we will ask the questions, you just tell us what you feel in response.  Well, I found I had a sort of multi-sensory film going on in my head, of the past, including smell and even taste.  Apart from seeing a village with people coming and going, I could also smell the animals and the straw and taste wood smoke, and was able to answer their questions to their satisfaction. When healing someone I can sense a lot about what is going on in the body, where energy is tangled or blocked and how to untangle or release it, or if it is inflamed how to cool it, for example.  I can also often find an emotional reason for a blockage, which the body literally gives me a message about when I am working with a blocked area.  Then when I ask them about this, such as in one example – “Do you have a sister that you have a lot of trouble with?” – the client answered “Oh my gosh yes!”, which then enabled us to explore all that and find answers to help her gradually deal with the issue.  (I did train as a counsellor and life coach soon after I finished my 2 year full healer training.  I found a local healing group which was part of an international organisation that I trained with.  I went on to help train others and act as a regional representative for them, and then also chaired that large group for a couple of years.  Since then I have also done other training such as Nutritional Therapy, and Thai Hand & Foot Massage, all of which helps me help others, and myself, with overall well-being. Now, as I work part time as a carer for PMLD people, I thought Mindfulness in Mental Health would be a good course to add, as I am ever curious to learn more.  I’m also an artist, as well as a writer and poet, so I’m doing the Art Therapy course next.  My poetry and art is also mostly a means for expressing my love of nature, including our amazing bodies and minds, and my sense of a wider spiritual connection.)

I revel in taking notice of nature with all its beauty, and accept that it can also seem cruel sometimes, but it all makes sense if you can step back and view the bigger picture, realise that all sides of the coin are necessary to enable existence of anything at all.  I enjoy even supposedly inanimate objects, such as stones, and feel that they are imbued with energy of some kind, there is energy in everything, which I can feel.  Even man made things contain signatures from those who made them, those who came in contact with them, and from any natural constituents, etc.  

There seems to me to be a current or life force running through everything, but it varies greatly depending on the state of each thing – stones seem to be slow and steady, for example, giving a sense of time, history, and patience. An object linked to a nasty incident, or place where something terrible happened, seems to bear a shocking imprint of that event. If you can stand calm in the face of this, you can glean information from it.  Trees seem to speak to me of their growth, water and wind of their travels, and the earth itself has a deep thrum of life giving energy.  Fire seems to represent passion but also the burning off of things no longer needed to make way for the new, a kind of rebirth.  I adore the sun, and enjoy arid desert territories, as well as beaches, but I also so love being in water, woods, or mountains so very much. Icy cold places do not appeal to me as I feel the cold badly, however there is a profound sense of purity in these landscapes, in a similar way to in deserts, or on high mountain planes – perhaps due to the open unspoilt space common to all of these. Open space is something I am lucky enough to have enjoyed many times in my life, and is the main thing I miss while living in England (plus I really do not enjoy the winters here).  I think that unspoilt open space feels so spiritual to me partly because of my appreciation of it as a kid, but also partly because it is a bit like the open space of the wider universe, which also feels like the open space in our mind we can attain through meditation.  It feels as if the far reaches could expand forever, that there is unlimited potential for life and consciousness.

So to me, this sense of spirituality feels far greater than any religion.  Religion seems to be possibly a small part of it for some people, but not for me.  If I had to choose a religion, it would be Buddhism, but it is entirely against my nature to try to fit into boxes.  To me this spirituality also includes any ideas of both evolution and creation, I think they are both part of one continuing cycle really. To me there is no either / or, everything is interlinked.  When I meditate, first my mind empties of little thoughts, then it opens up to this vast sense of beingness in an infinite universe, which seems to be just as much inside of me as all around me, swirling gently, reassuring me, and giving me access to incredible inspiration, healing energy, and knowledge.  As far as I can tell, a lot of humanity’s breakthroughs stem from this mystical inspiration, since many scientists, such as Einstein, have alluded to it.  (There is a great collection of mystical essays from great physicists collected by Ken Wilber about this.)

I don’t claim to understand how all this works, but my many experiences of using the energy, inspiration and knowledge in diverse situations speak for themselves.  Sometimes I can hardly believe it myself, but I can’t question the results.  It feels loving as well, but as to why, I’m not sure.  Perhaps it is simply that if it is all around me and inside of me, it basically is me, as well as you.  It must be life itself, the source of all.

Maybe for me it is also partly a sense of having come from out there somewhere, a sense of love for my other home.  Strangely I don’t feel a need to try to find out from where exactly, I just feel peaceful about it.  I am happy to have the opportunity to explore the wonders right here, and reflect my sense of spirituality through all my work.  Perhaps I am simply bearing some tiny witness to this extraordinary range of life and environments, and to the energy surrounding, suffusing, and sustaining it all.



Dear Vibrant Universe



Dear Vibrant Universe,
please untie all the knots within me –
I surrender them to your graceful infinity.
Please bathe me in your living light
to cleanse me of all dis-ease.

Please assist me to keep balanced,
and to reach my optimum state of being
right here, right now, in this lifetime,
so that I might fulfill my chosen destiny.
Thanks, love, peace, blessings everywhere.


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Beware Phenylephrine – now added to lemsip, cold & flu capsules etc, even supermarket own brand meds


My husband and I both experienced differing negative reactions to the new ingredient in lemsip, cold and flu capsules, etc (it’s now in both the branded and supermarket own versions), so I thought I would share this info:

Notes for Healthcare Professionals

Applies to phenylephrine: compounding powder, injectable solution, intravenous solution, oral disintegrating strip, oral liquid, oral suspension extended release, oral tablet, oral tablet chewable, oral tablet chewable extended release, oral tablet disintegrating

Nervous system

Nervous system side effects have included headache, dizziness, nervousness, restlessness, tremor, insomnia, convulsions, and central nervous system depression.


Cardiovascular side effects have included palpitations, arrhythmias, and cardiovascular collapse with hypotension.


Psychiatric side effects have included hallucinations, fear, and anxiety.


Gastrointestinal side effects have included nausea.


Respiratory side effects have included respiratory difficulty.


Genitourinary side effects have included dysuria.


General side effects have included pallor and weakness.

Web MD says “These products do not cure or shorten the length of the common cold and may cause serious side effects.” and “Do not give other cough-and-cold medication that might contain the same or similar ingredients.” and “Do not increase your dose or take this medication more often than directed without your doctor’s approval. Improper use (abuse) of this medication may result in serious harm (e.g., hallucinations, seizure, death).”

These medicines did not used to contain this ingredient, it has only recently been added, so don’t be caught out, be very cautious.


In our humble opinion medicines [that aren’t absolutely essential] suppress the natural process of working a cold etc through anyway, and it tends to take longer to get over them.

Unfortunately people feel pressure to continue as normal and go to work with colds, but at the end of the day that only passes them on to most of your colleagues and ends up causing more of an issue at work than if the first person had stayed at home for a day or two.

We suggest you take an active role in your own health including researching ingredients in food & other products such as household, cosmetic, toiletry – remember that we absorb things through our skin and breath as well as via eating or drinking them.

We are the consumers – we decide!






What do you really want of me?  Some people seem to think they need to fulfil certain criteria for their partners, but really the answer is “I want you to just be you – the one I love.”


We don’t need to make decisions about our own lives based on what we think others want.  Even if we think we know what they want, we are probably wrong!

Yes, obviously you do make decisions together about things that affect the workings of your life – logistic things – like when to have supper and what you might like to have, how to approach getting DIY tasks done, where to meet after work.

And these things certainly apply to jobs – how to work as a team to meet the objectives.

But they don’t apply to your personal choices about who you are being deep down, what you are interested in, how you behave in the world, what your lessons in life might be, what you want to learn, and do.
No one person should be influencing another to be other than themselves – this is not really love – unless they simply do not understand the implications of what they are doing, and would be willing to try to understand this in order to consider doing things differently.  (Note that I said “consider” – if they do not wish to give you the freedom to be yourself even when they do understand the implications then this shows that they do not truly cherish you for who you really are, and may prefer to control you, or try to make you into someone to fit their needs.)


We should not have expectations of others, other than to be themselves, and try to make reasonable efforts to get on with each other and with things that need doing so that you can function as a couple or team.  These things merely require the willingness to: communicate, compromise to reach joint decisions about practical things, and to actually get on and do your share.  They have nothing whatsoever to do with trying to control or change who a person is.

If you want to try to change another to fit your needs, then you should look at why you think you have such needs.  The idea of love is simply to give love and be loved in return.  You love just as you are and just as they are, otherwise it is not love in the first place – it is merely some idea that you quite like someone and if you can just mould them to fit your needs they will do – but this can never work, not even if you are desperate!

We also have to understand that people are affected by circumstance, and make allowances for this – they may grow past it or not, but that does not mean we love them any more or less.  Hopefully pure love will get you both through, but it is difficult if you don’t communicate.  You have to not be afraid of talking – trust that the other will want to listen and at least try to understand.  But it is not our job to try to ‘fix’ another, just to be there for each other.  So as long as you can communicate enough to share your love, so that you do have some joy in your life together, you should be fine.

Perhaps part of cherishing is also being grateful for what you do have.  Try to remember all the good things if you are in any doubt.

We should look at the good things in life in general as well, in order to cherish life itself.


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xx namaste

Wow, Beings of Light came through when I was in the bath (contemplative = open).


Our lives may seem meaningless in the sense that we are simply part of the one-ness expanding possibility, but we make meaning for ourselves by choosing the directions of our expansion.

We are like waves arising from the universal ocean and returning over and over again, similar but never exactly the same.

We may as well learn, have fun, explore, make the most of our chance at life. What more is there? Let go of anything else that interferes with this joyous expansion!

Let your heart & soul lead your mind to direct you into true grace and delight.

Never hurt another for it makes tiny holes in your soul’s fabric that are hard to mend.

All beings are equally sacred.

Let your joy be seen so that it can spread like a blanket of sky lit by smiles of sun rays or moon-shine & stars.

Emotions stemming from possession or control can never touch pure joy; that is only felt by heart & soul at one with the universal ocean.

You don’t ever really control, you choose in each moment what to do next, how to define yourself – and live with the consequences.

You don’t ever really possess, you may borrow for a while, things to distract you or clutter up your life, but you will put them down again if you wish to follow a path without having to carry a heavy & useless load.

Yes, you may have toys to play with, but they can never define you. What is at the heart of your being defines you. What you do in each moment reflects that.

Even if you become lost one moment, you may return in the next. Keep an eye on the path you wish to walk.

If you walk lightly and look around you, you will not stumble or miss much.

Other beings will walk freely in & out of your life no matter what you may do, so it is best to simply bless them while they are there, and let them go as they will.

Immerse yourself in the universal ocean.

Let love, peace, and wisdom fill you and overflow out.

Consciousness laps the infinitely multi-dimensional shores within & outside of itself.

Always, everywhere, everything flows.



You can order a guide that contains the previous channellings from the Beings of Light here

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and confirming your Joy.



Intention Intro – Consciousness vs Awareness vs Understanding


Consciousness vs Awareness vs Understanding, and where does Intention fit in?

We can be aware of things we like or don’t like, and how we tend to respond to things – then we can make conscious choices of how to edit those responses as we please.  We do not necessarily need to understand why we respond in certain ways in order to be aware of the responses and make better choices, but the more we understand then the easier it is to plan effective changes.  This all helps us to feel more self-empowered, and so we are willing to learn more, and thus expand our knowledge and our self-awareness.

A simple example is that if we understand how exercise and food affects us, then we can plan to eat things that are good for us and to go for a walk at least once a week – we need to understand a bit about nutrition and our bodies – our own personal bodies, because foods that suit one person may not suit another.  So awareness is the first level, and then you can add understanding.  You can be conscious of something at any level, but consciousness expands as you give it more attention, and as you understand more, then you are more able to develop tools and effective strategies to help you live ever more consciously.

If your boss tells you not to do something then you are aware and can stop doing it, but if you also understand why then it usually makes it a lot easier.  If you understand the reasoning or logic behind something, then it also helps you to figure out for yourself what other things may or may not be helpful.  It also makes you feel part of a team instead of just someone who has to do what they are told.  Effective managers will be aware of this, and develop their skills to encourage you.

A small child will find it easier to stop balling for sweets in the shop once you explain that you cannot give it a reward for bad behaviour and it is actually more likely to get a reward for being good, or even actively helping out.  Yes you can train it like an animal by only rewarding it when it is good, so that it develops an awareness of that pattern, but it makes it a lot easier if it actually understands that if you rewarded it for bad behaviour you would actually be encouraging the bad behaviour, which upsets everyone around you.  This also helps the child develop an understanding of human interaction and consideration, although it is best to teach it that love is the ideal result of good human interaction, rather than sweets.  Of course love should be there anyway because we love our children unconditionally, no matter what they do, but social skills and self esteem come from understanding ourselves and others, and how we might fit in.  Of course I do not advocate just doing whatever you think you need to do to please others, you also need to be yourself –  develop your own ideas of who you are and what you stand for, and be prepared to stand out from the crowd sometimes.  We need to be prepared to say NO to things sometimes, yet also be prepared to compromise at other times.  So a conscious parent will not just train the child to please them, or just tell the child why it does not make sense for them to behave in certain ways, they will also ask the child what they think, and teach them how to present their own ideas.  They will also treat those ideas as valid viewpoints and not dismiss them or brush them off, but discuss them properly.  Ideally families should encourage their children to input into family matters in the same way that couples should discuss with each other how to make things work well for both parties.

Understanding can be a product of natural curiosity – if you want to know how things work then you will try to find out, say how a flower grows or how animals survive in extreme places, or how an engine works, how a house is built properly, etc.  If we understand how our bodies work then we can consciously manage our lives more effectively.  Trying to understand how our minds work is an ongoing conundrum – they do so many weird things along with the wonderful.  But we can get more to grips with them by consciously managing them and using tools to train them to do more of what we want and less of what we don’t want.  Consciousness does not reside in the mind – it seems to me to be more of a heart and soul connection with everything – and being aware of that link can help guide us from a much higher perspective.

You can be aware of what is going on in the world without fully understanding.  You can consciously choose to act according to what you think about such things, but if you understand better then you will make more informed choices.  Sometimes we rush to act on an issue without understanding perhaps that it is a trick to keep us occupied while some other thing can happen without us noticing.  As anyone should know from playing certain games, there are bluffs and double bluffs, and there is a whole lot of media manipulation and pulling of strings going on too.  If we can manage to remain unafraid of what we might find out when we dig into things, then the knowledge can empower us.

Being aware of the beautiful colours of leaves helps you to appreciate the wonders and variety we have in our world, even if you don’t understand the cycles of nature.  Innocent awareness of beauty helps keep us positive in the face of all sorts of other things.

Consciousness can choose / we can choose – to purposely expand itself / ourselves.  We can exercise our consciousness by focusing on consciousness raising activities.  This tends to include both learning about new stuff (widened knowledge & understanding) plus increased (heightened) awareness.  You have individual consciousness, group consciousness (between people who share ideals or aims), then you have human consciousness and the collective consciousness of the planet (which I believe includes the consciousness of other living things and the earth itself), and then you have cosmic consciousness (which we all ultimately belong to).

Certain experiential-based knowledge and heightened states of awareness expand consciousness – as we become aware of things outside the usual boxes we are generally encouraged to limit our thinking and our living to, and achieve an intuitive sense of gnosis (an inner knowing that feels more sound than learned knowledge) and a sense of being in touch with the wider universe.

Consciousness includes altered states – which extend our abilities beyond both awareness and understanding.  The intuition, inspiration, and pure gnosis that comes from tuning into everything is awesome.  You can achieve more, experience more, become aware of wider possibilities, and blissfully blend with ‘the all that is’ – revisit your original purity of form blended with consciousness, from which we all emerge and later return to.

Awareness is essential to expansion of consciousness because it provides an experiential basis to expand from.  Understanding, in it’s normal sense, is not essential to the expansion of consciousness, as conscious awareness provides a conceptual understanding or knowing without us having to understand all the details.  Many great scientists have had visionary experiences which have then helped them find answers to practical questions.

Of course, if we want to alter a situation, then understanding the present situation better enables us to know how to do that.  Intuitive understanding can help us to make many decisions, but more detailed understanding does help too, as long as we don’t let it cancel out our intuitive and conceptual abilities – we need a balance, and should never indulge in ‘either/or’ mentality, because we need to pull all our skills together to get a proper view of the big picture.

We can have the intention to do certain things, but if we do not make those intentions very consciously then we may easily be distracted or just forget them.  To set your intentions with great clarity, you could write down what you intend to do, and plan how to achieve your goals.  I have a list of what my intentions in life are, so that I am sending out a signal to help keep me aligned with that reality.  These are not like normal goals, they define who I am as a being.  But sometimes I also use my own life-coaching systems to plan how to achieve certain things, for example paying off bills, or getting enough exercise, or running workshops.  Copies of all the relevant information and forms to help you are available via our website if you would like to access these tools for yourself – http://www.radiance-solutions.co.uk/essenceguides.htm  They assist you to make choices, as well as to plan your steps, put support systems and  rewards etc in place, and also keep you focussed.  If you have a plan set out, then your mind does not chew things over all the time, and you can just get on with it.

I discuss consciousness to a great extent in my book “No Paradox – Consciously Evolving Consciousness”, and my companion book to that is more about Intention and Awareness, as I do believe these are essential to expanding our consciousness and improving our lives.

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