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Restoring gut balance can cure so many health issues including mental and emotional ones.


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Photo0546closeLeftModern research shows that your gut-health has a higher impact on your mental and psychological health than previously thought.  Hippocrates did say way back that “All disease starts in the gut”, but I suppose we forgot about that somewhere along the way in our abandoned acceptance of fast food and pharmaceuticals, both of which play havoc with our guts.  I know we have busy lives, but it really is worth taking the time to take care of yourself.  In this article I will show some of the reasons for that, as well as discussing some of the things that can help.

Everyone needs to eat a balanced diet of healthy natural foods to keep their guts working properly.  (I will provide some specific tips later.)  Even if you are overweight you should not torture yourself with fad diets.  You should aim to rebalance your gut, then you will be able…

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Kiss the World




A Song I just wrote….


Get out of your shell and go kiss the world

there’s more than enough to see and learn.

Though some of it’s tough, there’s also love!


Your soul, your mind, and your body can burn

with the natural fire and delight of life

if you open your heart from where it’s curled up tight.


So open your eyes to this amazing world.

You are the one – who asked to come

so don’t keep your soul-self hidden any more.


Don’t waste your chance to experience

and expand your consciousness

through all the tools that you are given here.


Come out of your shell, and dance at last!

You’ll find so much you’ll want to explore –

so be bold enough – to kiss the world after all.




These lyrics will appear in a book I am preparing for publication right now.
It’s called “A little book of ‘Mastery'”, and details will appear on my book blog,
once it is done – so I’d really appreciate it if you could follow it –




Breathe – a Poetic Meditation for gratefulness, forgiveness, and letting go



Breathe……. gratefulness, forgiveness, and letting go to move forwards (the script)

Relax your body from top to toe.
Relax, relax.
Feel your heart beating, steady slow.
Through every part of you – feel the blood flow.
Breathe, Breathe.

Think of all the things to be grateful for –
and give thanks –
all the things that help you survive –
each morning, each day, each night –
the things that make life worth living,
the little tasty pleasures,
the beautiful, the intriguing,
the chance to help others –
breathe, breathe
and appreciate them.

Thank those who love you, believe in you –
Inhale that love, breathe, breathe,
and send love back.
Thank those who are there for you –
smile, and send them hugs.
Thank those who listen to you,
Those who treat you with respect,
and those who you know really care.
Breathe and feel them in your heart.
Breathe, breathe; and relax.

Forgive any issues,
misunderstandings from the past –
let go of all regrets, concerns.
Breathe, breathe.
Relax and breathe them out.
Feel your heart beating, steady, slow.
Through every part of you,
Relax, and feel the blood flow.
Breathe, breathe;
Relax and let everything go.

Now, now – you are new,
and refreshed.
This is the moment you step into next.
Breathe, breathe;
and go forward in peace.

New beginnings await you –
it’s up to you what that means.
Breathe, breathe;
and know you have strength
for whatever adventures you meet.