Restoring gut balance can cure so many health issues including mental and emotional ones.


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Photo0546closeLeftModern research shows that your gut-health has a higher impact on your mental and psychological health than previously thought.  Hippocrates did say way back that “All disease starts in the gut”, but I suppose we forgot about that somewhere along the way in our abandoned acceptance of fast food and pharmaceuticals, both of which play havoc with our guts.  I know we have busy lives, but it really is worth taking the time to take care of yourself.  In this article I will show some of the reasons for that, as well as discussing some of the things that can help.

Everyone needs to eat a balanced diet of healthy natural foods to keep their guts working properly.  (I will provide some specific tips later.)  Even if you are overweight you should not torture yourself with fad diets.  You should aim to rebalance your gut, then you will be able…

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