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both updates and incorporates: 
for Total Wellbeing, and
for Creativity. (These 2 older sites are no longer updateable so wellnessandcreativity.com replaces them, but incorporates useful pages from them.)

We are here to help people of all ages with a range of therapeutic skills, experience, and inspirational material. There are also many Articles, and Books, plus Personal Development Guides, and other TOOLS available.

You can literally learn to use your own minds as tools to design your life journeys, and become empowered to achieve an optimal state of well-being. There is loads of Inspiration & Creativity on our websites too – including – Poetry, Art, the Love Pages, plus our ImagineOgrams.


Julia Woodman is a Writer and Total Well-being Consultant.  She believes in offering a variety of options to find whatever is right for each person, and has worked with children, families, couples, and the elderly, in groups or individually.


Julia is a qualified Life Coach, Stress Consultant, Counsellor, Thai Hand & Foot Massage practitioner, and Healer, plus she can act as a Mediator, Mentor or Advocate. (Please click to see further relevant Qualifications & Experience.)

She is also a Nutritional Therapist, and offers assessments & plans, with support.  You might like to read this really interesting bit about Epigenetics. 

She has more recently been studying Mindfulness in Mental Health (there are some blogs on here relating to this), Art Therapy, CBT and DBT, plus an introduction to Functional Medicine.  She is now going on to study Mental Health and Nutrition, and more.


Julia is a widely published Poet & Artist too, doing Poetry Workshops in SCHOOLS and festivals, plus she creates Meditationsand runs Stress Busting workshops for businesses and for private groups

She has also led a wide range of Activity sessions in the Care sector, including arts, writing & reading, games, hand & foot massage, exercise sessions, and taking people for walks etc.  

She holds a Care Certificate, an NVQ3 for Workers in Schools, and an up-to-date online DBS.

She is also an Author, Philosopher, and Global Networker – see Pinterest / Goodreads / Twitter / Amazon (UK) / Amazon (USA)   


Julia’s art, design, and photos appear on loads of products available on Zazzle.co.uk and Zazzle.com plus on 2 international sites – FineArtAmerica and RedBubble.
It also appears on many other sites such as: SaatchiArt,  Society6RageOnArtsAdd, ForUdesignsSkyYouCurioos, CowCow, DeviantArt & ArtofWhere.  Julia also sometimes does large spray paintings LIVE in festivals.

Julia founded a regional festival and created other more local events. She used to Edit the poetry and art magazine “Rustic Rub” for many years.

Her latest Poetry & Art (+) collection “2020 VISION” is now available – completely FREE to read and share from http://wellnessandcreativity.com
Published July 2020, it contains many recent poems, including ones relating to events of this year, plus a few old favourites, and colourful art.

Please TEXT Julia on 07707-200494 with initial enquiries. She will respond to your text and if needed will call back on a landline as soon as possible.

You can also email julia@radiance-solutions.co.uk – but it’s still best to text as well – to ensure that I look out for your email.

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Thanks & blessings to you.  

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I can no longer update my older sites so this one updates them, but incorporates useful pages from them.

Copyright of art and posts on this blog is with Julia Woodman, but you may re-post if acknowledged and / or linked back.

Thank you!

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  1. Little by little, and in dribs & drabs of unexpected time in my overfull schedule, I am making the rounds of the sites of the folks who are commenting and following ADDandSoMuchMore — to see what each of YOU are up to, as well as to return the favor.

    Nice site! Looking at some of your categories, it is clear that we have many similar fascinations – so you know I’ll be back. Right now, I only have time to take a quick look around and to say THANK YOU.
    Madelyn Griffith-Haynie – ADDandSoMuchMore dot com
    – ADD Coach Training Field founder; ADD Coaching co-founder –
    “It takes a village to transform a world!”


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