Heart Centred Communication


ImageIn his blog Davidya (davidya.ca) says that “The heart is a transition from the world chakras (energy Centres) below, to the spiritual chakras above.”  I had not heard that term ‘world’ chakras before, but it describes them beautifully.  They are the ones we need to be here in the physical – the root (security/identity) chakra – the sacral (vitality/sexual) chakra – and the solar plexus (self esteem/empowerment) chakra.  Davidya says that as we move through the heart centre “we move from being ego driven to being a seeker”.

As we have evolved though, we need our throat or communication centres, above the heart, to become more fine-tuned. This should not be through trickery or eloquent manipulative tactics – which are still ego based. Instead the pure heart energy should guide how we communicate, and yes putting your hand on your heart while you sing or communicate in difficult situations, does help focus correctly. Your personal truth will shine through and touch people gently. This is much more powerful that any brash attempts at communication aimed to ‘get’ or ‘win’ or ‘persuade’ instead of to SHARE.

I have noticed, particularly when giving healing to trainee healers, that an extra chakra  between the heart and throat would open up with a beautiful clear turquoise when they were ready to start their true healing work.

Davidya goes on to say that the energy running up the body meets the energy coming down from the top of the head via the spine, but that the heart also has its own sutra from the front.  He says that “on the journey (of the energy) down, the heart is the transition from the detached witnessing Spirit of Self Realization – into God Consciousness, which sets the ground for the fullness of Unity”.  So you become complete in the knowing that you are interconnected with everything.