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Welcome, Namaste.  This sharing sprung from a self-meditation I was creating to ease my own state, then my enquiry led to the work of several masters, consequently quoted within.


RELAXING YOUR MEMBRANES (or could be meme brains – mind attachment to stories?)

We have layers, like an onion, of energy, surrounding our bodies, and they become denser and denser as they get closer to our actual skin, until they are so dense they begin to appear physically as part of us.  However, we should remain open to everything around us, not become shut off by hardening or tightening these layers, but use them as filters, changing the energy down gradually to the dense physical bodies that we have, and allowing an interaction with the world around us.  

If we are afraid or uptight through trying to control and protect, we tend to put up extra mental barriers, or harden…

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Optimum Eating / Nutrition



Please do take a look at my PINS on my OPTIMUM EATING / NUTRITION Pinterest Board, as these are all articles I have carefully read for quality information before pinning them.  Some I have made comments on to help.

Sometimes once I have pinned a link to an article, I have then specifically gone to search for some extra relative information and then pinned that as well – so these will have been pinned in order of reading (appearing in reverse order on the board – so for example I just pinned something about NUTS (with an extra comment) because I wanted more information after reading the articles I previously pinned about OMEGA 3’s.

It is highly essential that we try to get enough OMEGA 3’s in our diet and not too many omega 6’s as there had become way too much of an imbalance of these in most modern diets.

There is lots of extra information in some of these articles about what FATS are really good for us and which aren’t, with lots of detail about why.  This is a really important topic too as we have been seriously misled about this.

I am a qualified Nutritional Therapist, so have studied these things in detail.  I can offer Nutritional Assessments, including by email & phone, for anyone interested.  You then have the option of continuing with a detailed and personalised Nutritional Plan to optimise health.