Relaxing your membranes / Releasing your story / Being / Age


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Welcome, Namaste.  This sharing sprung from a self-meditation I was creating to ease my own state, then my enquiry led to the work of several masters, consequently quoted within.


RELAXING YOUR MEMBRANES (or could be meme brains – mind attachment to stories?)

We have layers, like an onion, of energy, surrounding our bodies, and they become denser and denser as they get closer to our actual skin, until they are so dense they begin to appear physically as part of us.  However, we should remain open to everything around us, not become shut off by hardening or tightening these layers, but use them as filters, changing the energy down gradually to the dense physical bodies that we have, and allowing an interaction with the world around us.  

If we are afraid or uptight through trying to control and protect, we tend to put up extra mental barriers, or harden…

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