PEERS: Public Education and Empowerment Resource Service


PEERS: Public Education and Empowerment Resource Service.

A great source of all sorts of knowledge……

Plus do come and join us at Back to The Garden website

and our open Back to The Garden GROUP on Facebbok.

One of the books I am writing now will also be called Back to The Garden – so by joining in and sharing information and ideas, you may have some influence on this.  The group also practices subtle activism – a type of distance meditation (at regular allotted times so that many of us together make more of a difference) to plant positive thought seeds into the collective consciousness.


What Back to The Garden is about


What Back to The Garden is about. do come on in and help create a better world – we have an open facebook group as well as this website (which has a link to it) and anyone can join in.  We also have global meditation link-ups.

Julia Woodman (also known as Jay or Joules) writes and teaches about many thngs to try to help people and communities locally and globally