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Back in the 1960’s Swiss scientist Dr. Hans Gerry researched Cymatic frequencies and how they influence physical form. His exploration of the effects of Cymatic frequencies on matter came up with some breathtaking results. As Cymatics shows us, sound creates form and really does affect our physical condition in many ways. Sound also has the power to heal… By Guest Writer Peter Paul Parker

Source: Sound Healing: The Power of Sound (Binaural Beats Meditation Included!) | Wake Up World


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Dear Vibrant Universe



Dear Vibrant Universe,
please untie all the knots within me –
I surrender them to your graceful infinity.
Please bathe me in your living light
to cleanse me of all dis-ease.

Please assist me to keep balanced,
and to reach my optimum state of being
right here, right now, in this lifetime,
so that I might fulfill my chosen destiny.
Thanks, love, peace, blessings everywhere.

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How to use Meditation to send out Peace, Love, Healing, etc.


As a healer, meditation teacher, and writer I thought I had better put my skills together
and write a brief guide on how to do this for the members of our “Back to The Garden”
facebook group specifically, but also to share more widely.


Please see the guide on our website, here.


You help global consciousness, and at the same time help yourself feel great – by doing this.




Attunements, Videos, Music & Mandalas for Peace


Gaiafield Global Attunement for Peace – Live & Recorded Episodes:.

The mandala came from Bell & Todd who have other amazing peace meditations

and visions of Gaia’s Grace – all as videos including many more of their beautiful mandalas!

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How to use Meditation to send out Peace, Love, Healing etc

Response to an online discussion about whether ‘God’ might be INFORMATION


Response to an online discussion about whether ‘God’ might be INFORMATION

Certainly in dowsing (divining), we tap into information, it has nothing to do with the tools you use, it is your nervous system, and the tools can be anything finely balanced enough to enhance the response so that we don’t miss it.

From a distance we can find things, so it has nothing to do with any tool such as hazel reacting to water – plastic works just as well, bent wires, pendulums that are simple weights (not necessarily crystal). You don’t even need a tool if your response is strong enough for you to recognize, you can just feel it in your body. The main thing about dowsing is not to ask ambiguous questions, as the answers can only be yes or no (usually) You must be very clear that you ask for example – is there at least (state a volume of water, or whatever is relevant to what you are seeking) available now (so that you eliminate it having been there only in the past, or coming in the future). You can screen out smaller volumes from your search, and you can also screen out swimming pools for example, by stating what sort of supply you are looking for.

If people phone me up to ask me questions, for example if they have lost something, their question often triggers an immediate answer. If I try to think about it, the information recedes. I have to trust my first response.

I am lucky in that I often am able to work with more than just yes or no answers, as I can get pictures in my head.  So I might for example see an item in its location, which I can then describe.  I have also seen scenes from the past when other people ask questions about what might have happened at a location or in certain circumstances.

In healing also, I certainly get information – I know what needs to be dealt with and how best to do it. Of course there may also be other ways of doing it than what I do. In fact I use several different main methods, but in all of these i follow the knowing given to me as to what is right for the person.

I receive lots of inspiration generally in my life, including with my creativity, and ideas or feelings about things I should or could do.

I also receive warnings sometimes for my own safety, for example when driving, to slow down when there is something round the corner sticking out in the road.

I discuss states of consciousness in my book “No Paradox – Consciously Evolving Consciousness, but continue to learn more all the time – the journey I think never ends.


Heart Centred Communication


ImageIn his blog Davidya ( says that “The heart is a transition from the world chakras (energy Centres) below, to the spiritual chakras above.”  I had not heard that term ‘world’ chakras before, but it describes them beautifully.  They are the ones we need to be here in the physical – the root (security/identity) chakra – the sacral (vitality/sexual) chakra – and the solar plexus (self esteem/empowerment) chakra.  Davidya says that as we move through the heart centre “we move from being ego driven to being a seeker”.

As we have evolved though, we need our throat or communication centres, above the heart, to become more fine-tuned. This should not be through trickery or eloquent manipulative tactics – which are still ego based. Instead the pure heart energy should guide how we communicate, and yes putting your hand on your heart while you sing or communicate in difficult situations, does help focus correctly. Your personal truth will shine through and touch people gently. This is much more powerful that any brash attempts at communication aimed to ‘get’ or ‘win’ or ‘persuade’ instead of to SHARE.

I have noticed, particularly when giving healing to trainee healers, that an extra chakra  between the heart and throat would open up with a beautiful clear turquoise when they were ready to start their true healing work.

Davidya goes on to say that the energy running up the body meets the energy coming down from the top of the head via the spine, but that the heart also has its own sutra from the front.  He says that “on the journey (of the energy) down, the heart is the transition from the detached witnessing Spirit of Self Realization – into God Consciousness, which sets the ground for the fullness of Unity”.  So you become complete in the knowing that you are interconnected with everything.