Personal Change Management


It’s not like you just want to change because you know something’s bad for you.

You need to think of it like you are climbing a tree –

Make sure the next branch is firm before you leap (climb on it).  So prepare for what you want.

What is the branch going to provide for you?

A good view you can relax & enjoy life more from?

Not need to go to pub anymore to get pissed to drown the sorrows or pain?

Take more control of where you are going!

Make yourself a comfortable plan of how to get where you want.

Get everything you need in place to support you, and ensure you don’t fail and have to clamber back down to what was familiar before.  Know you are going to be strong,

Be confident in your next step, achieve what you want.

Don’t be tempted to play safe by staying back – be excited to go on!

However, if you do go back a bit, don’t be put off, this is actually a normal part of the cycle of change.  Just go back up when you are ready.  Take another look to ensure you have everything in place to ensure you succeed this time first, and it might just turn out to be easier than you think because it isn’t so scary this time because you already took a peek.

Open the doors to your authentic self and life with our guidance and support.

Why try to do it alone?

Let us help you move beyond pain…….

HEAL YOUR PAST – don’t hold onto pain…..

Forgive yourself for holding on to it for so long and let go now xx

Be freed to truly get on with your life.

Shift of identity – letting go to be yourself – no more masks or other pretences.

The steady soul and the ego pretender

Walk with their arms round each other’s shoulders

Through the mirage.

They have learnt to work together

Instead of trying to destroy each other –

Have become team-mates in a balanced life.

Despite the chaos, they can thrive

Because they have stepped out of the struggle

To view the big picture from the outside

And can use their assets such as body and mind

To solve the riddles of their soul

And let their hearts gracefully unfold.

Become the greatness you can be!

‘step out of fear’,

‘become unlimited’,

‘find the keys’,

‘be in your heart in all you do’,

‘choose what sets you free to truly be you and express your skills.’

Various QUESTIONS to ask yourself

What lies at the core of your being?

What do you identify with?

What means most to you?

What would you like to be remembered for?

How would you describe your true self?

Are you BEING that true self?

If not then why not?

When and how will you make a start to get closer to this?

Would you like us to help?

What do you love doing and what are your skills?

Write some other statements about yourself – such as these……..

I stand for freedom and truth.  I stand for fairness and objectivity – seeing all sides of the picture to understand rather than jumping to judgements from a limited (subjective) perspective.  I stand for real communication, equality, and choices for all.

If you like – copy and paste these questions and their answers into a document you can then email to us, and we will offer a response.

Our time is right now –

“Wherever you are is the starting point.” Kabir

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Life is an expedition – where we decide who we are – Through what we choose to experience – and how we choose to act.

It can be an exciting expedition while we learn how to use our tools to control the journey.

Julia Woodman – Life Coach, Writer, and Total Wellbeing Consultant.)

We also have guides, and life coaching packs, for your own use –

including how to use consciousness expanding tools such as meditation.

The life coaching packs include all 3 of my Achievable Goal Planning Sections in one bundle –

How to Maximise Success, Help to Decide, and all the FORMS to assist you




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