Evolution of Communication


2012lifescan1bcol1I believe we are in the process of a huge evolution in our communication levels. This involves changes in the physical body energies and emotional / mental maturity, as well as in the tools we use.

Humanity has generally become more heart centred, willing to speak our truth and stand up for rights where needed.  We evolve despite communication methods being used to try to fool us, manipulate us, scare us, or dumb us down. No one can scare us off without us allowing it – being too worn down to stand up for ourselves and others, or becoming lost in addictive behaviours – but we are proving ourselves to be wolves, not sheep, after all.  We are perpetrating a reLOVEution by taking on board what needs doing in a loving way that benefits us all.  Being heart centred gives us courage and strength, as well as balance, which allows us to be peacefully determined in our quests.

Not that long ago only the elite could read.  Then we had the limited information on radio, then TV – always chosen by them – feeding us what they thought suitable.  But the internet is different – anyone can seek and find their own information, as well as provide it – and we have learnt not to trust ‘them’ because we have found out that we have been deceived about almost everything – so now we are more likely to trust independent sources.  (Some sources which try to appear independent are plants though – to try to divert us or make us think someone else is doing the work so we can relax – so watch out for these please – they are pretty obvious once you realise this.)

Once we trusted others to do our work for us – to see that the world was a decent place – but now we can only trust ourselves, and it is our job to engage with the process, which thankfully millions are doing.  Take heart and join in – this is our real chance, right now, to evolve beyond their control, and to sort out a lot of problems in the world.  Let’s put the heart back into play instead of letting the rich run away with the power.  It’s the dawn of a new age where material worship and hierarchies will fall away like a house of cards to reveal a true deep humanity evolved underneath – informed and well able to better choose how our world should be.

Of course we need to practice good communication in our day-to-day lives with our children, partners, friends, and colleagues, and I have written articles about this, such as:

If we are heart centGV2piccrophearteyes1cropred then we won’t let our heads run away with us – we won’t get caught up in ego based competition or fear based reaction.  I hope that the theory presented in my book “No Paradox – Consciously Evolving Consciousness” helps readers gain a more objective view – a bigger picture that prevents us being sucked into meaningless conflict.  If we can step back from the construct of apparent paradoxes then we can see things more clearly and gain an overall perspective of life and how it should be.

Come join us in our facebook open group “Back to The Garden” where you can post your own information to share, inform, inspire, and give us points of action we can follow up on.  The only way is for people to have a say in how their local and global communities function.  I wrote an article which is relevant here, called “The World’s my Baby but let’s get Local

We also structure global meditation link ups to help change the collective consciousness of the planet by adding positive thoughts to it.  Together we can and are already having an effect.  My article “John Lennon – In the Collective Consciousness – Being Real” shows up just how much of an effect he himself had.  I’ve also written an article called “How to use Meditation to send out Peace, Love, Healing, etc” which is very relevant.

gifts1There are of course many other groups doing similar things and we aim to link up with as many of them as possible, so do share your links so that we can all learn and grow more.  There are some fantastically informative and helpful videos out there too, so please do share these.  We already have a You Tube channel linked to our group.

Petitions are an effective way of highlighting and supporting causes, so we  continue to share these, but there is much more we can do, and we intend to keep on finding deeper solutions, so please do also include discussions about potential social change – we want to take a good look at positive ways forward.  I repeat – the only way is for people to have a say in how their local and global communities function.

I have also written many other relevant articles such as

“Back to TLUCKYCLOVER4he Garden” will be the title of one of my books, which is in progress, so what we discover collectively in the group will influence it.

“No Paradox – Consciously Evolving Consciousness” should be published shortly, and other books such as “Intent-Aware” will follow that.

Please keep up to date by following my website book page or my facebook book page.

Blessings – Julia Woodman – Founder of Radiance-Solutions and Back to The Garden


Response to an online discussion about whether ‘God’ might be INFORMATION


Response to an online discussion about whether ‘God’ might be INFORMATION

Certainly in dowsing (divining), we tap into information, it has nothing to do with the tools you use, it is your nervous system, and the tools can be anything finely balanced enough to enhance the response so that we don’t miss it.

From a distance we can find things, so it has nothing to do with any tool such as hazel reacting to water – plastic works just as well, bent wires, pendulums that are simple weights (not necessarily crystal). You don’t even need a tool if your response is strong enough for you to recognize, you can just feel it in your body. The main thing about dowsing is not to ask ambiguous questions, as the answers can only be yes or no (usually) You must be very clear that you ask for example – is there at least (state a volume of water, or whatever is relevant to what you are seeking) available now (so that you eliminate it having been there only in the past, or coming in the future). You can screen out smaller volumes from your search, and you can also screen out swimming pools for example, by stating what sort of supply you are looking for.

If people phone me up to ask me questions, for example if they have lost something, their question often triggers an immediate answer. If I try to think about it, the information recedes. I have to trust my first response.

I am lucky in that I often am able to work with more than just yes or no answers, as I can get pictures in my head.  So I might for example see an item in its location, which I can then describe.  I have also seen scenes from the past when other people ask questions about what might have happened at a location or in certain circumstances.

In healing also, I certainly get information – I know what needs to be dealt with and how best to do it. Of course there may also be other ways of doing it than what I do. In fact I use several different main methods, but in all of these i follow the knowing given to me as to what is right for the person.

I receive lots of inspiration generally in my life, including with my creativity, and ideas or feelings about things I should or could do.

I also receive warnings sometimes for my own safety, for example when driving, to slow down when there is something round the corner sticking out in the road.

I discuss states of consciousness in my book “No Paradox – Consciously Evolving Consciousness, but continue to learn more all the time – the journey I think never ends.